WPAI is a provider of AI-powered solutions for WordPress. With a focus on making WordPress more accessible and efficient for users of all skill levels, WPAI's products, including CodeWP and the upcoming AgentWP, are designed to enhance the way people interact with the world's most popular content management system.

    Website: https://wpai.co/

    HQ Location: Austin, Texas

    Established: 2022

    Company Size: 2 - 10

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Full Stack Developer (React / Laravel)

๐Ÿ“ Location: Remote


WPAI is seeking a talented full-stack developer, skilled in Laravel and React, to join our fully remote team in a full-time capacity. We are building an all-in-one platform for WordPress creators, alongside an in-site agent, and are scaling our team to move faster and deliver a better product.

You will work with our team to help improve our platform, further our AI capabilities, and build the future of WordPress. Responsibilities include frontend React development (e.g. building components, maintaining in Storybook, and implementing in production) and backend Laravel development (e.g. implementing new functionalities like direct API connections to WordPress websites).

We value demonstrable experience across diverse project types over years of experience (portfolio of previous work required).

Users must have permanent residency and be located in North America, South America, or Europe to be eligible to apply. Unfortunately we are unable to hire from outside these territories at this time.


  • Strong backend skills with Laravel and PHP
  • Proficiency in JavaScript
  • Up-to-date React framework experience
  • Familiarity with modern devops like Docker, GitHub, CI/CD
  • Senior-level development skills in the above technologies
  • Experience in fast-paced, startup environments with ability to quickly switch between assignments
  • Openness to code reviews of your work and reviewing teammates’ code
  • Great proactive written communication skills. As a remote company, detailed communication in fluent English is essential.
  • Self-direction and problem-solving skills. Many tasks are asynchronously completed (you will be the feature “owner”) before collaborative merging.
  • WordPress development experience is beneficial but not required
  • ML, Python, and other AI solution experience is beneficial but not required

Strong references are required.

We require expertise in both React and Laravel (PHP), as our platform and Agent (WP plugin) rely on this stack.

About WPAI / CodeWP:

CodeWP, also known as WPAI, is an AI-powered platform that provides various AI tools and solutions for WordPress creators. It offers features such as conversational code and chat modes, AI-trained assistance for WordPress users, and the generation of high-quality code snippets for a range of WordPress tasks, including PHP, JS, and WooCommerce. The startup was founded in November 2022 and has been recognized as a leading AI research and product company in the WordPress industry. It is designed to make the lives of WordPress creators easier by leveraging AI technology.

If youโ€™re looking to work in WordPress, but want to keep up with the fast paced AI industry, and build product that enable creators with this tech, weโ€™re the company for you.


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Options / Equity in fast growing startup
  • World class team building awesome things
  • Work from anywhere, as long as you can overlap

To allow us to best assess your qualifications, please respond to the application questions in your own words. Please do not use ChatGPT – these responses are very apparent. Bullet points are fine if they effectively communicate your background and fit for this role.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with Austin, TX, USA


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