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    Website: https://humanmade.com/

    Company Size: 50 - 100

    Established: 2010

    HQ Location: Matlock, Derbyshire

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Senior Web Engineer EMEA

๐Ÿ“ Location: Remote - EMEA

This job is fully remote and we’re accepting applicants from people who can work EMEA hours.

About You
As a Senior Web Engineer, you should have a comprehensive understanding of modern web development, with an emphasis on PHP and modern JavaScript in a WordPress context.

A comprehensive understanding of the components and technologies related to WordPress is crucial to this role. While previous experience with WordPress (and Gutenberg) is not essential, it is highly recommended, and you will be expected to rapidly gain this in order to work effectively on project teams. This includes WordPress internals, including the bootstrap process, global state, and the majority of WordPress components. To enable you to architect complex WordPress projects, you should also have knowledge of the larger WordPress ecosystem, including commonly used third-party libraries

The responsibilities and expectations of a Senior Web Engineer are not necessarily tied to a specific project. While you will need to apply your skills on each project you are assigned to, you are also expected to set a similar example when interacting with the whole engineering team for meta-level tasks. This could be cross-project code review, helping other engineers debug problems, coaching, or offering advice and architectural guidance to other projects.

As a Senior Engineer, you should lead by example when working on projects, meeting with clients, giving critical feedback primarily via code review to peers and respecting other engineering decisions. Your broad experience in WordPress development may mean you have strong preferences for technical decisions. Itโ€™s both your responsibility to voice concerns about technical decisions being made, but also have the distance and maturity to accept decisions made by the team and/or project technical lead, and commit yourself to build solutions in the agreed-upon way. As Human Made develops large-scale WordPress sites, WordPress experience is desirable but not essential.

You should be familiar with the tools required for engineering projects. This includes a good understanding of Git, conflict resolution, local development environments, PHP configuration, following coding standards and general computer maintenance and security. You should be willing to adapt to the established processes in Human Made.

About Us

Human Made helps organizations drive customer engagement, reinforce brand value and improve operations with digital solutions powered by Altis, our WordPress digital experience platform.

Over the past 10+ years, weโ€™ve helped brands such as Snopes, Siemens and USA Today build and deliver their digital strategies, transforming the way people interact with some of the most visited websites in the world. We have deep expertise and investment in using WordPress as a tool to create large-scale platforms, websites, and applications that drive transformational business value.

Our decade of experience in agile delivery and passion for open source solutions supports clients in their journey to embrace the edge of innovation. Human Made is a fully distributed company, with employees based remotely around the world.

Human Made* is a remote company: this means you will need to work both independently and as part of a remote team. You will have the opportunity to meet the rest of the company at our annual company meetup, and with members of the rest of your team at least once a year. We care about good communication and you should be able to prioritise your work and meet deadlines, discussing any problems with the team along the way. You can learn more about Human Made and what you can expect working here in our public company handbook.

Why Work at Human Made

Human Made is a people-centric organisation, where we value the expertise, background and unique personality every team member brings to the company. We provide several tools and benefits (from remote work allowance to private healthcare and retirement savings) to ensure everyone feels appreciated and fairly acknowledged for the work they do. We lead our teams with utmost empathy and flexibility, allowing everyone to manage themselves with autonomy and all the support we can provide for them to be successful, as we understand the challenges of remote work. When you join Human Made, we accompany you and invest in you so you can thrive both professionally and in all personal pursuits.



  • All responsibilities described under web engineer, plus:
  • Take ownership at a project level for not only your own work, but work that interacts or impacts your own
  • Assisting other developers on your team when asked for assistance
  • Architect projects and complex subsystems
  • Assess the pros and cons of different approaches to software architecture, even when there is limited information
  • Carry out bug fixes and debugging not only in your own work, but others on your projects; no bug should be too obscure!
  • Take an active role in improving tooling, code, and communication whether directly on a current project or assisting others on their projects.
  • Remain informed on development best practices within the industry
  • Proactively address technical issues as they arise
  • Consistently be pushing for performance and security considerations and improvements
  • Provide useful architectural input and feedback for whole systems, drawing on knowledge of CS fundamentals, other programming paradigms or frameworks
  • Work with clients and their expectations, navigating the relationship and taking ownership of client satisfaction
  • Write technical documentation for project architecture and decisions


  • All skills described under Web Engineer, plus:
  • In-depth understanding of performance considerations
  • In-depth understanding of security considerations
  • Ability to architect complex subsystems
  • Comprehensive understanding of WordPress (may be developed on the job


  • Competitive salary by local standards
  • Flexible working
  • Enhanced parental leave
  • 35 days holiday
  • Sickness and carers leave
  • Annual company retreat
  • Conference and training budget
  • Monthly remote working allowance
  • Work wherever you want
  • New mobile phone, computer and office equipment when you need it
  • Be part of a team of passionate individuals that love solving technical challenges on WordPress

We strongly encourage you to learn more about the hiring process in the Handbook before applying on the following links:

The Hiring Process: What to Expect

Pre-Application Checklist

Your Application: Outcome and Feedback

*Human Made is a remote and globally distributed organization. However, due to the remote nature of our team, we canโ€™t provide any legal sponsorship to attain a work visa or permit in your country of residence, nor in any of the countries where we operate. We strongly advise you to seek legal counsel to ensure your residential status is fully legal before you apply.


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